Youth Ambassador

Do you want to make a difference in your community? We are looking for enthusiastic Ambassadors between age 11 and 17. Are you ready to make an impact with small acts of kindness in your city?



Would you love to make a difference? Help someone in need? We welcome all donations. Every contribution makes a difference. Contact us for details on how you can donate in your city or country.


Give a Special Gift

(A GIFT WITH A PURPOSE) Looking for a meaningful gift to give someone. Why not give a donation in their name? 100% of your donations go directly to helping a child pay tuition fees, get food or medicines. We’ll design a beautiful ‘gift card’ for you and send to the receiver on your behalf.

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Our Vision

Kindness and charity come in all shapes and forms. We give from our hearts before we give from our pockets. We are all capable of giving, with No expectations or rewards.  “Giving” encompasses much more than material things; time is a precious gift to give. We can mentor the youth; we can volunteer our services or time; we can help the underprivileged. Whether LITTLE or big, we can make a difference in someone’s life… Little Big Gestures! This is the Ethos of the The Kindness Project.


Who we work with

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Spread The Joy

STJ is a non-profit with one simple mission: spreading JOY to pediatric hospitals one box at a time!

Little Big Gestures

Join us to spread the kindness

Introduction:  The Kindness Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is two-fold. Firstly, it aims to encourage the youth, from different cities in the world, to be youth ambassadors and to create and encourage kindness in their own communities. Secondly it aims to help the underprivileged in Kano, Nigeria especially through the Gifting Project.


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